01. "THE IDEA"

LEPARD® Gin was born from the idea of ​​a production of organic liqueurs, with organoleptic characteristics and traditional production techniques revisited in a modern key, capable of encompassing culture, art and personality.

We believe that art is a free and unique expression of oneself, wild and mysterious like a leopard, for this reason our goal is to make consumers aware of the cultural environment, using a very high quality product that allows you to fully express its own nature.

02. "VISION"

LEPARD® Gin has as its main objective the conciliation between culture and beverage, passing through art, technology and design. Our vision is to pass on the global artistic and cultural heritage to future generations, guiding consumers to know and appreciate all that the world has to offer. Innovation in design, advanced technologies and traditional craftsmanship are enclosed in an excellent drink, born thanks to an accurate study of the products and the meticulous selection of raw materials.

We strongly believe in the use of new technologies, which can provide ample support at any production, promotional and organizational stage.

Below, some paintings created using cutting-edge technologies in the field of Artificial Intelligence, unique, precious and non-replicable, just like our products and our consumers.


With the expression "THE WILDEST LUXURY", connected to the figure of the leopard, a wild and mysterious animal, we refer to the personality and uniqueness of our products, but also to the exclusivity in sensory terms.

Each product has been designed to be unique to the consumer's palate, capable of reaching different sensory nuances in each of us, while remaining unmistakable at the same time.

Furthermore, each of our bottles is special because it is characterized by the leopard-print coat, present on the label facing the inside of the bottle, an ancient symbol of prestige and exclusivity.